Circle t dog collar

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Circle t dog collar

A Circle t dog collar is a dog collar type made by the Circle T Company (formerly the Circle T Ranch) of Sturgis, South Dakota.

The Circle T Company was founded in 1885 by James H. Covington who made his first products out of leather (later from nylon and rubber).

The Circle t dog collar is typically sold in leather, with the Circle T logo embroidered, though it is also produced in nylon and with the Circle T logo or other typeface stitched into it. The company is now known for its cowhide collars, designed to protect people from scratches and scrapes.


Covonia dog collars are leather dog collars and accessories manufactured by the Circle T Company, and are often seen by their wide range of colours and patterned designs. Often worn around the neck of a dog, Covonia Dog collars are of good quality.


The Covonia features the company's logo in a contrasting colour, and comes in various different types of leather.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel dog collars are the cheapest of the type. They tend to be a smaller collar and can also be used as a neck tie.


Nylon dog collars are often preferred as they are lighter than leather.


Rubber dog collars are durable and are generally worn on larger or heavier dogs. The rubber is more durable and does not become waterlogged like leather collars.


A popular design is made out of natural cowhide leather. They are more expensive than leather dog collars, but are also more durable. As the natural shape of the cowhide collar can vary in size, these dog collars are usually sold in various sizes, so that they can fit bigger breeds as well as smaller ones.

Stainless steel


The first steel dog collars were created in the early 19th century by two brothers in the small town of Oberhausen, Germany. They were made of two thin plates of steel. Today, many manufacturers use stainless steel to create their products.


Covonia dog collars are generally of the standard design. They have a simple strap that loops around the neck of the dog and a clip to keep the collar from slipping off. The clip is very adjustable and has one of the few designs for a dog collar with a variety of colours and designs. It also comes in different sizes, depending on the dog.


Covonia dog collars are of good quality, and as long as the steel is sturdy, it is unlikely for it to break. They are also designed in such a way that the collar cannot come off.


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