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Wagging tl dog park is not a myth, and you're not the only one who knows it! But you have a great job and you're doing what you can to help your dog live a long, healthy and happy life. That's enough reason to celebrate, but I thought we could take it a step further and share a few more reasons to be thankful you and your dog have found each other.

1. He (Or She) Makes You Feel Special

When you think of dog parks, the first thing that comes to mind is running, playing and meeting other dog owners. It's all about the dog, and if you don't believe me, take a second and really look at that image agn. I see a dog enjoying itself, surrounded by other people and other dogs. We don't all look at a picture of a dog and think, "This is a person." When I look at that photo of your dog and you, I see the two of you enjoying each other's company, looking like the happiest, most content dogs around.

2. He (Or She) Is Smart

A dog's brn is twice the size of a human's, and your dog's brnpower is still growing. You are not always in charge and you have to let your dog take his own time to learn. This gives your dog the opportunity to teach you lessons and teach you how to be patient. I've seen a dog owner try to hurry his dog up to play with other dogs. And while he and his dog were all smiles and ready to go, I can just imagine the frustration the dog owner felt in not being able to understand his dog's lack of understanding. As a dog owner, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dog trying to figure out things for himself and making progress, no matter how slow. Your dog is teaching you to be more patient and to enjoy your dog's slow learning process.

3. He (Or She) Makes You Feel Happy

Your dog is the most loyal, kind, giving and sweetest dog in the world. Your dog just loves you and the more he can do to make you happy, the more happy he will make you. There is no more powerful motivator than making someone else happy. A dog can make a person feel like the luckiest person in the world just by looking at them and listening to their voice. I think there's a part of every human that secretly wants to be a dog. And the best part about being a dog is that your dog does all that without your say-so.

4. He (Or She) Makes You Feel Calm

Dogs have a unique way of making a person calm and at ease. They just make us feel peaceful, calm and happy, just by being near us. There are so many different breeds of dogs out there, and each one brings their own personality, unique trts and temperament to the mix. And all of them are here to make us feel safe and welcome. They are always listening, always watching and always willing to help. So why not let them do what they do best? You can't get a dog that's as happy and as calm as a dog that has found its perfect home. It's a win-win situation for both of you!

5. He (Or She) Provides Companionship

We all need human companionship and I think that goes without saying. Dogs just happen to be one of the most popular human companions, which is no surprise because, well, they're dogs. And what is it that dogs do so well? They make you feel safe and they give you the best hugs of your life. They give you something to think about and make you smile. Your dog provides you with a loving connection to another person that you can't get from any other human. And when you really think about it, that's one of the greatest things we can ever hope to find.

6. He (Or She) Can Help Make Us Better People

Dogs teach us compassion. It's a very simple lesson but it's one that has to be taught to every single person. Dogs are natural born teachers, and we're so lucky to have them teaching us something that we can use in our own lives and relationships. Whether you're trying to find your soul mate, learn how to let go of anger or learn to just be nicer to everyone around you, your dog can help you learn some very important lessons about being a kinder and gentler human being.

7. He (Or She) Makes You a Better Mother

When you get a dog, there is a part of you that will stop being a single, childless, child-free human being and become a parent. It's in our DNA. I have seen so many children with dogs that are the perfect mix of love and patience, and the love and patience they give their children makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. If you want to be a better parent, find a dog and give him or her the best of everything. Dogs just make us into better parents, period.

8. He (Or She) Makes You a Better Father

The best things in life are easy to learn but hard to do. It's not really fr that a dog has such a quick, easy learning curve, because you can teach your dog anything you want to teach. If you want to learn something new and find someone who will patiently help you through your journey of learning, your dog is the perfect teacher. They don't make things complicated or hard for you. They just love and they want to help. And they have the patience of a snt when you are the teacher. It is a true blessing to have a dog as a teacher, because it gives us another person to teach the most important thing in our lives, the one thing that should be easy and fun. How lucky we are!

9. He (Or She) Makes You Feel Confident

When you and your dog are together, you feel confident. You are confident that you know how to rse and take care of your dog, and that he or she will listen and follow you to do what you

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