Dog friendly cabins colorado

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Dog friendly cabins colorado

How do I get my dogs to do their business on a grassy area? I am having this problem with our cabin in Colorado.


It is difficult to answer this question because you did not include a picture or a description of your cabin, but you do know your dogs will need to have an area to relieve themselves.

I would recommend you dig a small hole in the dirt with a shovel and put a nice thick blanket of grass in it. This will not only give your dogs somewhere to go, it will also be a nice cool spot.

In Colorado, especially at high elevation, it can get very hot in the summer, so you will need to provide shade where your dogs can go to cool off.

If you would like to dig a hole and blanket a little area, I would suggest looking up information on how to dig a hole in the ground and then find some dirt bags that are large enough for you to cover your area. There are many people who can help you find some dirt bags.

Hope this helps!


You can also use a large, soft-sided bag, such as a plastic garbage can, and dig a hole under the plastic. Place the bag in the hole, fill it with dirt, and cover with grass. Be sure to put the top of the bag at the right level so that your dogs can reach it. Make sure that the holes in the bag are large enough to easily accommodate your dogs' waste.

The garbage can will give you a bit more distance than a blanket of grass and allow you to dig a hole that is deeper if necessary. It also won't be as susceptible to being walked on and ruined if you happen to be cleaning the area.

I'd go for the garbage can option if I had a cabin that wasn't near a large body of water, though. In that case, if my dogs had a small hole to go in, it would be easier to just put a piece of plastic over the hole and let them go in there. I've done that in the past, with great success.


My suggestion would be to dig a little pit next to the area they need to use and put some mulch down in it, so that when they do go they will not step directly into the hole. You can put an old blanket in it as a nice addition. If they are getting antsy, just put a little bit of poop in the pit so it is like their potty trning pad. If they don't have to be outside to use it, they may take to it quickly, especially if it smells nice.

You could also put some kind of covering on the area and then put the hole in the covering and use that as a kind of potty pad, but that could get smelly. I am not sure I would go with a plastic bag, because I feel like it could be stepped on or broken. I would definitely go with a soft sided bag. My other option would be to put up a couple of boards and a fence on the area, to allow them to use the area with some kind of covering but still be protected from possible dangers. That's the idea behind the plastic bag solution.

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